Why You Should Avoid DIY Window Tinting

Window tinting is one of the most popular trends in auto customization right now. It gives your car a sleeker appearance, while also enhancing your driving experience in several ways–from providing privacy to protecting you and your car’s interior from damage caused by the sun. With so many DIY videos on the internet, you might be tempted to try to tint your own windows. However, you could do a lot more harm than good if you attempt to take on this expert job at home. Here are four reasons why you should not try to take this massive task on yourself.


There Are Illegal Levels of Tint

California has legal limits for the levels of tint you are allowed to apply to your car windows, and they do enforce it! Each year, police officers issue hundreds of thousands of tickets for illegal tinting. The law is also a little complicated. Different parts of your vehicle have different levels of VLT (Visual Light Transmission) that must be adhered to.

California window tinting laws also require your vehicle to have a sticker stating the names of your manufacturer and installer. By the time you factor in the costs of tickets and repercussions of not having this required sticker, you’re better off skipping the hassle and just having a professional do the job.


Damage to Your Vehicle

One of the advantages of window tinting is that it actually helps protect your vehicle. A layer of tint helps shield against UV rays and water damage. It can even protect against some flying debris, such as rocks kicked up by trucks on the highway. However, if installed improperly, you may actually damage your car. Window tinting is made up of a special adhesive type of film. Improper installation with the wrong tools can easily lead to cracks and scratches in your windshield, which leads to more money spent to fix it.




It’s very easy to point out a bad window tinting job. There will be visible cracks, bubbles, and seam lines running along the tint. Not only does this ruin the appearance of your car, but it may also make driving more difficult. You don’t want large streaks or wrinkles running through the middle of your windshield, as they can disorient your vision while driving.


Time and Effort

When it comes to window tinting, you’re not really paying for the window tinting film, you’re paying for a job well done. Without the proper tools and experience, doing a good job just on one window may take hours. It’s simply not worth it, especially considering the results may end up being less than spectacular. Skip the hassle and let trained technicians do it. They can finish the job in no time at all.


Window Tinting Made Easy

Window tinting is a great way to customize your car. Between avoiding legal problems and making sure the job is done correctly, it just makes sense to leave it to the professionals. Our skilled auto customization team has everything you need to help you create your perfect vehicle. We offer a wide range of services including car wrapping, custom paint jobs, body kit installations and more. We are also experts in high-end vehicles and can help with luxury repair and maintenance, as well as other aftermarket upgrades. So, connect with us today to see what we can do to help you.

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