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Your vehicle’s exterior paint is susceptible to the most damage. Road elements like harsh weather, rocks, and dirt can cause scratches, chips, and dents. Fading, oxidation, and rust make your vehicle look worn down. A fresh coat of paint replaces the jaded damage of your vehicle, restoring it back to the shiny, glossy look from when you first bought it.

The entire painting process requires a high level of skill from our professional team. Most importantly, we take careful consideration of damage and body repairs. Each step is equally as important as the next. Our staff is expertly trained and Factory Certified so that we can provide you with OEM products and an optimal finished result.

Whether you are looking to switch up the color of your vehicle or need a fresh coat of paint, our shop can help you with the process. AF Collision’s custom auto paint shop uses fine quality paints and products to boost your car’s potential. We provide both the service and expertise needed to modernize your car exterior through auto painting.

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Our Car Painting Services:

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Custom Auto Paint Shop

As a full-service auto body repair shop, we strive to provide you with a wide range of services to fit your needs. One of our most valuable services is custom auto painting. This service offers a unique approach to customization. With custom auto paint, we work alongside clients to turn their vision into a reality and bring a personal touch to their ride.

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Minor Repainting

Minor paint repairs is best tailored for vehicles that need only a few areas or panels repainted. Minor repainting can include bumpers and dents. This service makes it possible for clients to avoid the costly price of full auto body repainting. Due to custom auto painting, we make it possible to paint only the areas needed. The process involves painting a few areas of the vehicle and blending it in with the existing paint to provide an even, all-around appearance.

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Full Auto Body Repainting

Sometimes, due to a major collision or other circumstances, a vehicle will require full auto body paintwork. This service consists of painting every panel on the car to make it look like new and restore it to its original appearance. With full auto body painting, you can color customize your vehicle to match anything you want. We offer several levels of painting services that give your car a unique touch.

Our Auto Body Painters Specialize In:

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Touch Ups

Bumper Scratches

Paint Chips


Paint Scrapes

Expert Color Matching

Get Your Vehicle Looking like New Again