5 Reasons Why You Should Get Clear Bra for Your Car Today

When it comes to cars, people can be a little bit obsessive. Many car owners will have a mini heart attack at the sight of a hairline scratch or will even go insane with the slightest paint chip.

If you are someone like that, you might want to get a clear bra or paint protection film for your car.

True enough, exterior damage to your car can hurt your car’s aesthetic and resale value. A paint protection film is a magical solution to keep your car looking good.


5 Reasons to Get a Clear Bra for Your Car


1. Paint Protection

The main benefit of getting a clear protection film for your car is for paint protection. Basically, it’s a transparent film that acts like an extra layer of protection that works just like the old vinyl clear bras.

As you drive on the road, many common hazards can damage your car’s exterior. A little speck of debris can easily ruin a car owner’s day. The film affords you the luxury getting hit by the occasional debris, bumps or scratches without changing the original paint.


2. Long-Lasting Protection

A clear bra doesn’t just offer superior protection, its benefits last longer as well. A reputable car customization shop can install a car protection film that will last up to ten years. At first look, it may seem like the film won’t last for a few weeks but it’s not the case.

This means that you have reliable paint protection for the years to come. Plus, having a paint protection film also slows down wear and tear.


3. Easy Maintenance

So, what about maintenance? Fortunately, maintenance is about as easy as it gets.

A clear bra features excellent water resistance, which means that it doesn’t have to be removed whenever you need to wash your car. It can also be washed with the most common car shampoos and soaps. Any dirt, dust or droppings can be easily cleaned with just a cloth and water.


4. Universally Applicable

A paint protection film can be applied to any car, truck, or SUV of any make. It can also be used for other types of vehicles such as boats, motor homes, bikes, and more.

The film conforms to the surface that needs to be covered so it doesn’t matter where you need to apply it. Just a fun tidbit: paint protection films are originally developed for military use (armored vehicles, helicopters) to prevent vehicle exterior damage.


5. Easily Removable

For any reason that you want to remove the film, you can easily do so without damaging your car’s paint job. For removing the film, you can go to an auto painting shop or you can go down the DIY route.


The Best Car Protection Around

Applying a clear bra to your car is a worthy investment. After all, a car is usually the second-most valuable possession that people have. Protect your car’s paint and beauty with a paint protection film.

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