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AF Collision offers more than just collision repair; we also offer custom auto body work and improvement. Customization provides endless possibilities to the outward appearance of your vehicle. Besides auto painting, we present other car customization services that make it easy to carry out any desired modifications.

Our team is made up of individuals with different backgrounds and experiences, which makes it possible to put forward a wide range of customization services. We work persistently to provide you with the best results at an affordable price. AF Collision has worked on various projects that include luxury, high-end vehicles. When you choose us for your auto body work, you will experience only quality craftsmanship and expertise.

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Our Auto Customization Services Include:

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Auto Tinting Service

Not many shops can provide clients with professional quality window tint. However, when it comes to high-quality window tint, AF Collision has you covered. Our shop carries a variety of different types and shades of tint. From balancing different shades and color tones to perfecting any exterior reflection, we will work with you to help you find the ideal tint for your vehicle. We specialize in application and removal of tint through the latest in installation technology and techniques. The AF Collision team carries the experience that can guarantee no bubbling, cracking, peeling, or fading.

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Vehicle Wrap

Take your vehicle’s appearance to the next level with custom car wraps. Vinyl car wraps are a non-permanent way to alter the appearance of your vehicle. Car wrapping will never permanently change the finish of your vehicle, meaning you can switch up the color or style as many times as you want. With wrap, you can always return to your cars original appearance without damaging the exterior and also preserving your car’s value. At AF Collisions we use the highest quality materials from reputable brands. We use the most advanced techniques that will exceed your expectations in car customization. Our team carries the expertise to work on performance luxury vehicles and exotics.

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Clear Bra for Cars

For the driver who wants to keep their vehicle looking like new, AF Collision can help make it happen. Clear bra is a type of paint protection film that shields your car, truck, and SUV from any scrapes, scratches, and other forms of exterior damage. Your vehicle will acquire protection from damages that it faces from everyday use. The AF Collision team will install, remove, or replace clear bra to help preserve your exterior and prevent any damages. Our certified car customization technicians that will work to install clear bra to various areas of your vehicle quickly and efficiently.

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Custom Wheels

Enhance your vehicle with custom wheels and rims. Depending on the type of vehicle and tires used, your driving experience will transform and modify itself. When it comes to car customization, AF Collision carries a large selection of tires and wheels with various finishes that include extensive paint options, powder coating, and clearcoats. We have the highest-performing custom wheels at the best price. Our experienced technicians will help you find the best custom wheels for your car.

Insurance for Repair Work

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We repair all types of vehicles, regardless of the make and model. When it comes to payment, we will work with all types of insurance companies. Our team helps guide you through the insurance claims process to certify your collision repair gets completed.

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