Choosing the Right Auto Repair Shop After an Accident

auto repair shop

There’s nothing fun about an auto accident. Whether your fender has a small dent or your car is in need of some serious repair, you’ll want to find the right shop to match your needs. Before you do anything, however, it is essential to know that you do not have to go to the repair shop your insurer recommends. Legally, in California, you are allowed to take your car wherever you see fit. Here are the top things to know when selecting an auto repair shop.


1. Do Your Homework

We live in the age of Internet Reviews. Between Google and Yelp and many other platforms, it’s easy to understand real people’s experience with particular auto repair shops. Take a look at the collision repair businesses in your area and check how they rank on important categories like price, quality, and customer service.


2. Shop Around to Find the Best Shop

After you have compiled a list of three to four places, you should take your vehicle around and get an estimate. If the car is immobile, simply bring in your insurance paperwork which lists the damages. You can bring in photographs as well. Some shops have what is known as the price match guarantee, so in some cases, you may find an auto repair shop closer to your home with better value.

auto repair shop


3. Specialized in High-End Luxury Cars

Luxury cars are generally in a class of their own. They have many more distinct parts and features compared to lower-end vehicles. As a result, they usually require access to particular parts and additional tech certifications to work on them. If your luxury car sustained damage in an accident, finding the right shop to take care of it should be a top priority. Likewise, if you have a vintage or custom vehicle, you want to go with a shop that holds certification for custom car repair.


4. Original Equipment Manufacturer Certifications

Every car brand has its unique structure and engineering. Some use certain alloys in the body frames while others have special electronics. Whatever the construction might be, to get your car back to perfect shape will require exact components, tools, and materials to ensure everything is put back together the way it should.


5. Customer Service

For most people, living without a car is no option. Depending on the shop you have chosen to work with, they should provide you with a few alternatives. Some auto repair shops offer you a rental vehicle directly so that you can continue to go about your life. At a minimum, the shop should provide you with transportation should you need to go home or to a rental car agency. Likewise, they should keep you informed during the repair process so you can understand exactly when your car will be ready.


Making Sure You’ve Found the Best Auto Repair Shop

Accidents are stressful, but the repair process shouldn’t be. If you follow these five steps, you can ensure your car will get repaired quickly with no hassle to you. If you need more information or need to request a quote, AF Collision can help you. Located in San Diego, AF Collision contains the tools, experience, and knowledge necessary for getting you back on the road.

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